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Computer EMF Protection Strips

Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF's) are increasing and the health concerns surrounding them are real.

Technology is here to stay, but there isn't much we can do about it right now. We want a solution that will protect our bodies from harmful frequencies while using this technology in everyday life.

EMF Harmonized has developed a product line called EMF Cellular Protect Strips that help neutralize these frequencies before they reach your body. By placing these products near you or on your devices, you can counteract the effects of positive ions emitted by cell phones, wifi routers, smart meters, and communication towers without blocking signals or interfering with wireless devices. This way you get to use all of the benefits of modern-day technology while protecting yourself against the detrimental side effects associated with over-exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

(2 Strips per pack) 

Ever feel drained? Perhaps consistent and/ or persistent headaches? Even tingling in your hands or face when near electronic devices or wifi? You may be sensitive to Electro-Magnetic Force (EMF) frequencies. Our bodies are electrical and we can even be conductors of electricity.  Your body may feel this influence.  To prevent such experiences, EMF Harmonized has Cell Protect Strips for all your electronic devices.  The Cell Protect Strips signal the body in response to the EMF to remain calm and stay at rest.  This can positively influence your own body's reaction to the EMF.

With our new introduction of the EMF Protect Strips, you have the same great protection as the Cell Protect Disc but the two strips in each pack can be easily fitted to larger devices like routers, laptops, computer screens, televisions, and devices, and more.

The new sleek design provides protection for 1-2 meters from any device to your body. 

(See Frequent Asked Questions below.)

  • The EMF Protect Strips are designed to protect you from potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) that you are surrounded and bombarded by 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    The EMF Protect Strips is the perfect product for anyone that wants to avoid playing Russian roulette every time they use a cell phone or other electronic device.

    The EMF Protect Strips is placed directly on the back of an Electronic Device that eliminates any Harmful Effect of EMF Radiation.

    NOTE: EMF Harmonizeds EMF Radiation Protection Holographic Discs and Strips DO NOT BLOCK EMF it protects your BODY from the HARMFUL EFFECTS of EMF Radiation with hundreds of POSITIVE FREQUENCIES.


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